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One Month In

It is hard to believe that classes started exactly one month ago. The time flies, and the signs of sleep deprivation are apparent in more than a few sets of eyes. Here at Envirolutions, in our first few weeks we … Continue reading

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RISD: Giving a “Second Life” to Recyclable Materials

By Rebecca Wong Check out RISD’s Second Life Center, a sustainable center for donating reusable materials where RISD’s students are able to recycle unwanted materials that have been purchased for prior projects and in return, retrieve any material that suits their … Continue reading

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Post-event update!

(a text from Tonya, our president): “Look! So awesome! People are totally recycling correctly and this bin is almost full!!!!” Thank you, Pratt, for recycling correctly!! You’re the best!

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NYU and Sustainability in the City

  Just a short subway ride away from Pratt is New York University, a fellow NYC university dedicated to reducing their environmental impact . NYU GREeN is the sustainability program located on campus that tackles the environmental issues and is … Continue reading

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Recycling Everywhere but Pratt

Although Pratt may not pre-sort its recyclables from trash, there are plenty of other places that do. This week, new Envirolution-ers Katie Curto, Olga Lebedeva, and I researched what we thought were effective ways of recycling. We discovered that there … Continue reading

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