Green Container Campaign

The Green Container Program is a collaborative initiative between Pratt’s Envirolutions, CSDS, and CulinArt.  The mission of this project is to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste generated within the campus cafeteria.

As a solution to the current plastic clam shells (which cannot be recycled), this project proposes a system of reusable green containers to be used in the Cafeteria.  The new Green Container Program was fully implemented in Fall 2014. The Green Container Program works on a token system. One must purchase a 5 dollar token using their meal plan. They must bring this token to the Dining Hall and hand it to the CulinArt employee who is preparing their food and they will use the green container. Once the food is consumed the container must be brought back to the Dining Hall, and the token will be returned for the system to continue. The container will always be fully washed and sanitized after each use.

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