Current Members:


Amira Selim (c0-president)

I’m Amira, a junior Industrial Design major who hails from New Jersey. To me, caring for the environment through sustainable practices such as recycling and responsible manufacturing are analogous to keeping one’s room clean. If you don’t do it, not only with others think less of you, but the environment (no pun intended) you live, work and play in will be unpleasant and ugly. I believe that keeping sustainable practices for the Earth not only benefits the environment around us, but also increases the quality of our lives.


Katie Curto (co-president)

Hi, I’m Katie, a junior Industrial Design major from Hamilton, NJ. With the help of the information I gain from Envirolutions, I would like to continue to educate others on the importance of sustainable living and designing. In the future I hope to be able to create designs that are environmentally responsible.


Carina Miranda (treasurer)

My name is Carina. I’m a senior Interior Design major and I’m from New Jersey. I think being sustainable should be a part of our daily lives and it is something I will focus on in my design career. I hope to get other students to  see how easy it is to integrate into our lives.


Linnea Ryshke (secretary)

Hi, I’m Linnea Ryshke, a junior painting major. My interest in Envirolutions sparked primarily from taking a Environmental Science class senior year of high school and realizing how naive I was, and still am, about my footprint in the earth. I became empowered to do what I can to make that impact more positive. By being vegan, by painting about how I see our relationship with the earth should be, and by being apart of Envirolutions, I do what I can to extend this expanding awareness.


Lillian Tomas (promotions)

I’m Lilly, a junior Illustration major. I’ve lived in the most urban of cities and the most rural of towns, but I’ve always cared deeply for our planet. I understand that when it is threatened, we all are being threatened. I believe that the time to act on environmental issues is now so I try to be aware, make responsible choices, take action, and spread the news to others. Envirolutions is a great place to do all that at Pratt.

IMG_0352Emma Damiani (co-web master)

Hi, I’m Emma, a sophomore graphic design major from Westchester County, NY. Throughout high school I was an active member of my environmental club, and I’m so excited to now be a part of Pratt Envirolutions. Sustainability and educating people on the environment is definitely something I would like to incorporate into my design career in the future. I think living a life of sustainability is very important, however it’s a life that anyone can lead as long as they are educated on sustainability and the environmental problems which we are currently facing.


Gerald Warhaftig (co-web master)


Megan Lighty (historian)

Hi, my name is Megan. I am a sophomore Industrial Design major from Salt Lake City, Utah. I joined Envirolutions to help better educate myself and others on ways to live sustainably. Where I come from we recycle on a daily basis and I would love to try and make that more of a habit on the Pratt campus! My biggest goal is to try and make others realize how important it is to practice sustainability and preserve the beautiful earth we live on.

IMG_0347Shaina Garfield 

My name is Shaina, and I am from Rochester, New York. I am currently a sophomore Industrial Design major. In high school, I was the vice president of our Science Club where we specialized in recycling as well as researching about our city’s ecosystem. In the future I hope to concentrate my Industrial Design degree  in sustainability. Envirolutions is the perfect place to start! Our Earth offers us so much that it should be our obligation to give back. Through sustainability, we can keep our Earth beautiful and working for generations to come.



Riley Norris 

Hi, I’m Riley, a sophomore in fashion design from San Francisco, CA. I have always been involved in maintaining the environment by recycling and living green in my own daily life back home. I joined Envirolutions to become a part of a community that is dedicated to spreading knowledge about sustainable living so everyone can learn how to keep our earth clean and happy.


Chris Jensen (faculty advisor)

I am a faculty member in the Math and Science Department, where I teach courses in ecology and evolution. Being the advisor to Envirolutions meshes perfectly with my teaching and research interests, which focus on ecological and evolutionary sustainability, animal (including human) behavior, and how cooperation evolves. I am proud to support the work of the dedicated student members of Envirolutions.

Alumni Members:


Tonya Kennedy (president)

Hey I’m Tonya, I graduated from the  Interior Design department and am from Rochester, NY. I hope to get a degree in sustainability and environmentalism at some point in my career in order to become a more specialized and earth-friendly designer. Envirolutions brought an extra bit of happiness to my life every week and contributed to my work as a design student!

lauraLaura Lighty (former co-president)

My name is Laura and I am from Salt Lake City, Utah. I was an Industrial Design major at Pratt Institute. I grew up surrounded by mountain ranges and wildlife, and discovered how precious they are. I’m interested in ecologically-friendly and sustainable practices in every day life because I believe it is our responsibility to preserve these places, and to make less of an impact on the earth. Being apart of Envirolutions has helped me do so.


annaAnna Walant

Hi, I’m Anna and I was an Industrial Design major from CT. Before I came to Pratt, I won the Milton Fisher Scholarship in 2010 for designing a system to recycle crayons. I joined Pratt Envirolutions so that in the future, I can take the knowledge and experiences from our club to help me incorporate sustainability into my designs, in the hopes that I may inspire even just one person to change their lifestyle for the better.



kateKate Cochrane

Hi! I’m Kate. I graduated from the Interior Design department at Pratt. I was part of the Envirolutions team because we need to give this world some love. Treat her right and we won’t fight!

ashleyAshely Kuo

Hello! My name is Ashely and I’m a graduate from the interior design department from Taiwan. I believe it’s important for our generation to be aware of sustainable practices and Envirolutions is a great place to start spreading the knowledge. In the future I hope to practice and promote sustainable design.

alexAlex Morpurgo   

I graduated Industrial Design program at Pratt. I have acted as the club Secretary, and have been part of Envirolutions since my arrival to Pratt Freshman year. My senior year I headed the Recycling campaign and help set up more recycling recepticles around campus so that our post-sorting trash service, 5-star, is more effective in their efforts.


 meRhett Bradbury (former president)

I’m a graduate from the MS Communications Design department at Pratt. I’m from Northern NJ. Given the current state of affairs on the planet, I feel compelled to do what I can to help make the future of our environment a better one. Pratt Institute is a perfect place to start this and I’m very happy to be a part of Envirolutions.



Hailey O’Connor (former president)

Hailey came to Pratt from a small town in New Hampshire, where she was a major in the Industrial Design department. She was the President of Envirolutions for two years (2010-2011). Hailey spearheaded a variety of projects that improved the environmental awareness of Pratt students, faculty and the overall community, helping develop positive sustainable behavior as well as teaching to incorporate “green” knowledge in each student’s designs. In 2012, she won the “Creating Sustainability Reward” at the 34th Annual Student Affairs Leadership Awards.

angela linAngela Lin (former vice president)

Angela, originating from Taiwan and Vancouver, majored in Industrial Design. She was the Vice President of Envirolutions for two years (2010-2011), and helped work on the green container and materials exchange projects.


pamPamela Stoltz (former student government liaison)

Pamela was a painting major who served for three years as the Student Government Chair of Sustainability and a member of Envirolutions. She played a key role in bringing new recycling bins — purchased by the Student Government Association — to Pratt’s campus. In 2012, she won the “Creating Sustainability Reward” at the 34th Annual Student Affairs Leadership Awards.




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