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Green Week 2014 Event

  Tomorrow is the day! Envirolutions will be tabling from 12:30 – 2pm tomorrow on the driveway in front of the Engineering Building as part of Green Week here at Pratt. At 12:45pm, we will put on a performance piece … Continue reading

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One Month In

It is hard to believe that classes started exactly one month ago. The time flies, and the signs of sleep deprivation are apparent in more than a few sets of eyes. Here at Envirolutions, in our first few weeks we … Continue reading

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Club Day Recap

Club day came and went and we saw a lot of new faces and interest in the club. That may have something to do with the baked goods we were handing out, but regardless we are ecstatic that so many … Continue reading

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RFI Campaign Update and Green Week

  Two weeks ago, we asked you to send us your unsustainable observations from around campus. Information not relayed to you was where your submissions are going. When you send in observations, we are collecting your responses for future use … Continue reading

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Room for Improvement Campaign: Part 1

Have you noticed something around campus that you thought was unsustainable and wondered why no one did anything about it? Questioning where some of the resources used on Pratt’s campus are going and worried that they aren’t being used efficiently? … Continue reading

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Copenhagen’s Fixation with Bikes: The Inside Advantage

This semester, our last president, Tonya Kennedy, as well as some of our other members of Envirolutions are studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. One of the first things she was eager to notify us about was the abundance of bicycles: … Continue reading

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RISD: Giving a “Second Life” to Recyclable Materials

By Rebecca Wong Check out RISD’s Second Life Center, a sustainable center for donating reusable materials where RISD’s students are able to recycle unwanted materials that have been purchased for prior projects and in return, retrieve any material that suits their … Continue reading

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Giant Pile of Trash in the Ocean?: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

As a kid, you may have wondered what happens to all of the trash that gets pulled out into the ocean. You may have been told it floats around space, or maybe that it just sinks to the bottom of … Continue reading

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The Presidential Elections: Environmentally, Where Does Your Candidate Stand?

        The presidential election is fast approaching and everywhere you turn, there is some sort of political support or slander. Most may already know who they will be voting for on the November 4th Election Day, but even … Continue reading

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NYU and Sustainability in the City

  Just a short subway ride away from Pratt is New York University, a fellow NYC university dedicated to reducing their environmental impact . NYU GREeN is the sustainability program located on campus that tackles the environmental issues and is … Continue reading

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