Composting Has Come to NYC


As of October 7th Windsor Terrace became the first neighborhood in Brooklyn to take part in a new composting program run by the city’s Department of Sanitation. The goal of this program is to collect waste products such as food scraps, paper, and yard trimmings to create compost. Although not mandatory, this program is easy for residences to partake in. This will allow people to ease into the process of composting, as it is a lifestyle change and might take some time for people to become accustomed to. The compost that would be created from this program would not only provide fertilizer to gardens, parks, and school yards, but it would also provide as a renewable energy source. Those who have wished to partake in this program received a free compost starter kit from the Department of Sanitation, and the waste would be picked up each day along with that household’s recycling. This idea of neighborhood composting is very likely to catch on throughout all of Brooklyn in the next few months. It has already been started in parts of Manhattan and has so far been reported as a success.

Furthermore, composting stations can also be found at certain weekly outdoor markets such as the Fort Greene flea market and the Inwood Farmers market. Here people can bring their compostable waste from home and dispose of it in the bins labeled for compost. GrowNYC is a company that helps provide these composting sites at outdoor markets throughout NYC, and often holds many events on educating people about making environmentally friendly life style changes.

Programs like these are ones that larger institutions such as Pratt, can take note from. Some how establishing a form of composting that still maintains sanitation requirements and provide a source of environmental education will help push Pratt to becoming an even “greener” school. Just like recycling, composting can soon become a habitual exercise that everyone will partake in once there is more access to composting stations.

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