Room for Improvement Campaign: Part 1

Have you noticed something around campus that you thought was unsustainable and wondered why no one did anything about it? Questioning where some of the resources used on Pratt’s campus are going and worried that they aren’t being used efficiently? Perhaps you’ve noticed the one sprinkler that likes to water a building from time to time, or maybe a studio that has its lights on at all hours of the day, even when no one is working in it. Pratt Envirolutions is investigating student life and campus facilities to determine where our energy use could be improved.

We will be advocating for better energy practices and working to reduce Pratt’s carbon footprint.¬†Inspired by other classic prevention campaigns, we will be releasing a series of posters following this theme, so keep an eye out for them!


Let us know what you think of our newest project and tell us about any unsustainable acts you spot on campus !

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