NYU and Sustainability in the City


Just a short subway ride away from Pratt is New York University, a fellow NYC university dedicated to reducing their environmental impact . NYU GREeN is the sustainability program located on campus that tackles the environmental issues and is making strides toward making NYU a zero-waste campus. Recycling and waste related projects play a large role in the service programs participated in by students, staff, and faculty in each of its many schools. As the largest institutional composter in Manhattan, NYU produces several tons of compost per week from a dozen dining halls.

NYU’s recycling program is similar in its impact, instructing students about the proper methods for their mixed recycling system. For the proper disposal of technological waste, NYU has special collection bins for these items to prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into the environment. Although the university is situated in the center of a big city, NYU finds ways makes their campus as sustainable as possible, without any sacrifices (and perhaps Pratt can take some pointers from its neighbors!)




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